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Fibroblast Skin Tightening

Fibroblast Skin Tightening

The fibroblast hand piece produces a tiny plasma flash which leaps from tip to the skin in a millimetre sized point. This superficial point minimizes the skin in its immediate vicinity - which reduces the excess skin and results in amazing wrinkle smoothing and tightening. A series of tiny dots are strategically placed to attain the desired result for the excess skin. The plasma flash also sends heat permeating through the skin to trigger the generation of new collagen and restructuring of the elastin fibres. The results can be seen immediately and appreciable cumulative improvements can be seen over the following 4-9 months.

Fibroblast Skin Tightening is the closest treatment to plastic surgery without the scalpel, blood and excessive downtime. Plus it costs fractions of traditional plastic surgery!

This treatment is loved by both men and women! Look years younger in one session.

Price List
  • Upper Lower Eyelid Lift - $599
  • Upper Eyelid Lift - $399
  • Lower Eyelid Lift - $399
  • Crows Feet - $399
  • Neck Lift - $899
  • Half Face - $799
  • Top Lip (smokers lines) - $299
  • Top & Bottom Lip - $499
  • Nasolabial Lift (Smile lines) - $349
  • Tummy Tuck - $1499


What to Expect After
  • Immediately after treatment, there may be a burning sensation. This will usually resolve during the remainder of the day although if it is particularly uncomfortable or persists for a longer period, then an anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen can be taken.
  • Application of a antibiotic + pain relief ointment for the first 2 days is recommended. After the first 2 days, it is best to keep the area dry.
  • Following treatment, it is normal to have some swelling. This can be significant around the eyes and can last for several days and may lead to interference with vision in the initial period.
  • Cold compresses may be applied to reduce the swelling. If the swelling is more severe, an anti-inflammatory medication and/or anti-histamine may help alleviate the swelling.
  • Crusting will usually develop over the treated area, this will often initially be brown or black on the surface of the skin and flake off over the following days. It may take over 2 weeks to completely disappear. It is essential to not pick at this crusting as this may lead to infection or scarring.
  • Occasionally the treated area may become a little weepy, this is part of the normal healing process and will improve with time. However, if it starts to become hot or red or if there is any pus present, then please contact the clinic for advice as this may suggest an infection has developed.
  • It is essential to keep the treatment area clean, dry and protected with a broad spectrum sunscreen. Do not use alcohol based cleansers.